Indicative bibliography of existing research/writings relating to the Cardijn movements in Australia

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Unpublished studies/theses

David Kehoe, History of the Melbourne YCW 1939 - 1957 (Unpublished)

Michael Campbell, Young workers becoming critical: a critical ethnographic study of the theory and practice of the Young Christian Workers' Movement as lived by a group of young workers in "Workington", MEd thesis, University South Australia, 1994


Geraldine Crane, Ordinary young women doing extraordinary things: The Brisbane NCGM/YCW story 1945 - 1970, YCW Past Members Association, 1999

Breda Phillips, More prophetic than we knew, A history of the YCW in the Diocese of Sandhurst, Bendigo, 1999

Vodola, Max, Simonds, a rewarding life, CEO, Melbourne, 1997

Helen Praetz ( editor), The Church in springtime, Remembering Catholic Action 1940 - 1965

(Interviews with Cyril Hally, John Molony, Kevin Peoples, Jim Ross,_Race_-_The_Church_in_Springtime.PDF

John Molony, Luther’s Pine, Pandanus, 2004

By Wendouree, memories 1953-1961, Connor Court, 2010

Pascoe, Robert, The feasts and seasons of John F. Kelly, Allen and Unwin, 2006

Kevin Peoples, Santamaria’s salesman: Working for the National Catholic Rural Movement 1959 - 1961, Garratt Publishing, Melbourne, 2011?

Hugh O’Sullivan, The Clatter of Wooden Clogs: a challenge for today’s young worker, AYCW, 1991

Articles in ADB

Bruce Duncan, Lombard, Frank Vincent, Australian Dictionary of Biography

Katharine Massam, McGuire, Dominic Mary Paul, Australian Dictionary of Biography

Katharine Massam, Prendiville, Redmond, Australian Dictionary of Biography

John N. Molony, Mayne, Charles (1906 - 1990), Australian Dictionary of Biography

DJ Mulvaney, Murphy, Jeremy Matthias, Australian Dictionary of Biography

Hilary M. Carey, Reid, Elizabeth Julia, Australian Dictionary of Biography

Michael Costigan, Simonds, Justin Daniel, Australian Dictionary of Biography

WT Southerwood, Sir Guilford Clyde Young, Australian Dictionary of Biography

Ian F. Jobling, Hogan, Hector Denis, Australian Dictionary of Biography

Journal articles

Val Noone, A New Youth for a New Australia: Young Christian Workers around 1960 in Footprints, Journal of the Melbourne Diocesan Historical Commission, December 1995

Basten, J, Graycar, R, Neal, D, Legal Centres in Australia, in University of New South Wales Law Journal, No.16, 1983, pp.163-190

Related articles and books

Colin Holford Jory, The Campion Society in Victoria, 1931-1938: a prelude to Catholic Action

Bruce Duncan, Crusade or conspiracy?: Catholics and the anti-communist struggle in Australia, UNSW Press, Sydney, 2001.

Gerard Henderson, Mr. Santamaria and the bishops

Tom Truman, Catholic action and politics

Paul Ormonde, The movement

Ross Fitzgerald, Adam James Carr, William J. Dealy, The Pope's battalions: Santamaria, Catholicism and the Labor split

Bartholomew Augustine Santamaria, Patrick Morgan, Running the Show: B. A. Santamaria Selected Documents: 1939-1996

Katharine Massam, Sacred threads: Catholic spirituality in Australia, 1922-1962

Edmund Campion, Rockchoppers: growing up Catholic in Australia

Online papers/documents

YCS in Australia: Some reflections on its history

Fr Charles Menezes, An interview with Betty King

Archival Sources

National Library of Australia Trove online database

More documents and links


John Molony

Kevin T. Kelly

Paul McGuire
DP McGuire collection, NAA

Diocesan Archives

Melbourne Diocesan Historical Commission


Cardijn Community Australia

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